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Last year I had the pleasure of photographing the E Family outside on a gorgeous summer morning.  This year Dad is deployed in Kuwait, so we had a shoot with just us girls at the MLP Studio.  And Miss E certainly came prepared!  She had her favorite skirt, her cowboy boots and pink-trimmed cowboy hat, her sparkly teal top, and some of Dad’s army gear.  Talk about a fun time playing dress-up:)

And just like last year I was struck by E’s gentle spirit and gorgeous smile.  Her giggles absolutely made my day, and I loved hearing all about her favorite (horses) and not so favorite (taekwondo) things.  She had the most perfect “cheese” smile – but I also loved shaking it up and making her REALLY smile for me (her little nose crinkle when she was really really grinning was the absolute best:).

I think it’s safe to say that from the top of her darling 7 year-old head all the way down to the tippy-tips of her cowboys boots, the camera (and this photog) looooove this sweet girl!




I can state with absolute certainty that there is nothing [nothing!] better for your soul than a daily dose of 100% Certified Organic Giggles & a handful of Gap-Tooth Grins.

(See you feel better already, don’t you?:)



A little proof positive that peek-a-boo never goes out of style.




Have you ever seen a more perfect cross-eyed tongue-out face?

I think not.  :)



And here – here! – is the nose crinkle.

Exquisitely delicious, yes?:)




This one just stops my heart.

It stops right there in my chest with that wonderful-terrible combination of she’s-so-beautiful-it-almost-hurts and oh-baby-girl-I-know-you-and-Mommy-miss-Daddy—and-I-know-he-misses-you-too….




Knowing that these images will be making their way to Dad as he serves is pretty humbling.  Luke – thank you seems very inadequate…but thank you, so much, for all that you and your family sacrifice for our country.




Of course we must end with a grin!  And sweet E – you & your grin absolutely sparkle.  It was my honor to photograph you again this year!


Faye & Miss E – you girls are tooooooo much fun!  Thanks for an awesome session –  I had a BLAST and I can’t wait to show you the rest of the pictures!!:)


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