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Little Miss E came to play at the MLP studio last week for her one-year session and it’s hard for me to believe that we are already at the one year mark for this darling girl!  I seriously remember her sweet Newborn Pictures like they were yesterday….  But obviously this little one has done some growing since her Newborn Pictures AND her 6-month pictures:)  She was aaaaaaalmost walking (but preferred to maintain a death-grip on Daddy’s hand, lol), she knew exactly what she wanted to do and what she wanted to say (in the most wonderful baby babble you’ve ever heard), she liked squishing her cake more than eating it, and once she fell in love with the kisses from my singing goat, well, then it was alllllllllll over folks.  Those kisses, and those kisses only, were going to entertain her.  And if you forgot that one so-simple fact, well, Little Miss E would oh-so solemnly point out your mistake with one chubby toddler finger (pointed directly at the aforementioned singing goat).  I don’t know who was laughing more, this photographer, or her mommy and daddy:)  It was fabulous.


Did I mention she’s just a leetle bit cute?!?!?!?!?!?




She even holds on to the chair daintily.




Well hello gorgeous.




Black patent leather shoes.  Yes please!




Ohhhhhhh how I heart every little detail of this shot…!!




Mommy went shopping on Etsy (oh such a dangerous sport!:) so every little detail matched – right down to the fabulous headband….




Little Miss had her game of PeekaBoo down to a fine art.

(and that little mischievous look on her face?? Per.fection!)




“I’m honestly not used to *quite* so much volume.  Wherever have my feet gone?” says she.




Oh, such a sweet happy girl!



Little Miss E – it has been such a wonderful year watching you grow – and it has been such a privilege recording all of your sweet moments.  Sending hugs & smooches – and please come back and visit!  xxoox

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