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I got to hang out with the C Family last week to take pictures of Miss M (and her big brother too, cause I just couldn’t resist:).  We started our session outside, but with a storm rolling in and the wind starting to blow us around, we decided that continuing our session at the MLP Studio was probably a smart plan!

It turns out that was an excellent idea – everyone was much happier inside and out of the wind.  Throughout the session Miss M couldn’t quite decide if she was tooooootally in love with the photo process – at times she was super happy to be the center of attention…and at other times, well, she just wanted to be done with the whole thing, lol.  But with the help of Brother (who was so super sweet with his sister – and boy did he know how to wield my singing goat to get fantastic giggles out of his sister!:), the in-studio pictures of Miss M turned out absolutely delicious!

I mean really, does it get aaaaaaaaany cuter than this???  Ever??  Nope:)


See, what a wonderful big brother!


Well, hello to you too darling!


Mommy smooches are the best…Miss M agrees!


(those two tiny bottom teeth were just killing me:)

What a great looking family.


Handsome Mr!


Honestly, this might be my most most favorite…I mean, come on!  What an expression!



C Family – it was so fun finally meeting you guys!  Enjoy this Sneak Peek and your Slideshow will be ready early next week!:)



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