Miss V.H. – Helena MT Child Photographer

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One of the greatest joys of my job is having the opportunity to document children as they change over the years, and to rejoice with clients as their families grow.  Last week I had that opportunity not just once, but twice (!) with the H and R Families—and it was awesome:)  Tonight I’m so pleased to share two Sneak Peek’s from these two special families.  First up is the H Family!  I first met the H Family to take pictures of their oh-so-precocious-and-precious Miss V when she was just one year old.  At that point she was obsessed with pinecones (true story) and had the funniest silly face you’ve ever seen.  This fall she was a chubby-cheeked 2 ½ year old with a huge vocabulary and the fastest feet you’ve ever seen.  Her grins pretty much stopped my heart; oh! the cuteness!  So here are the Sneak Peek pics from their fun session—and after you take a look at this third picture, please tell me who in the world could resist that grin?!:)  To Mom & Dad:  thanks for sharing your sweet girl with me again this year – she is such a joy!





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