Mr. E.K. – One Year Pics – Helena MT Child Photographer

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Let me introduce you to Mr. E:  fast movin, cracker eatin, thinks-my-singing-goat-is-funny darling Mr. E!  It seems I have had a plethora of one-year-olds lately—and, ohmygoodness, they are SO much fun.  This little man was no exception—between cracker bites and attempting to launch himself from any raised surface he gave me enough sweet looks and big toothy grins to make picking my favorite images almost impossible:)  Oh!  And speaking of teeth—I was absolutely in loooove with his little lop-sided three-teeth grin—*be still my heart*.  To his Mommy & Daddy – I know no-nap days can be a *little* stressful, but your little man was such a trooper and I canNOT wait to show you the rest of the pics – there are soooo many great ones!  Katie – whoda thunk that all these years later I would be taking pictures of your baby?!  I love that:)  Enjoy your Sneak Peek K Family – your slideshow will be ready later this week!







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