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Mr. E has recently turned the big boy age of ONE.  And if you look up the definition of “happy happy little man” in the dictionary you *might* just find a picture of this guy.  Cause seriously.


Not only is he ridiculously happy, he’s also ridiculously cute.

And this is not a new development:  he was also ridiculously cute at his 2-month session and his 7-month session – and it turns out he’s aging well:)

So, yeah.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Mr. E absolutely lights up a room.  His grin is ginormous, his sturdy little wiggly body is never still for more than 4 seconds at a time, and he absolutely loves playing Peek with me.  So I guess it’s time for me to come clean:  I totally have a baby crush on this sweet guy.  It’s the eyes…the cheeks…the grins…the giggles!  I mean, what more could you want???


It’s enough for me, yessiree;)




Can’t you just hear the giggles in this picture?!



Oh, did I mention he makes FABulous faces?

(He’s just continuing the great-faces-for-photos tradition he started earlier this year, this photo from his 7-month session is still one of my all-time favorite “eeeeee-I’m-SO-excited” faces:) 



Maybe he got his gorgeous grin from Mommy?




The *other* side of Peek-a-Boo:)




Um.  Can you see E’s dimples (cheeks AND chin)?





Proof that the 4-second stand still is PLENTY of time to catch a great photo!




And the two baby teethers.


Be still my heart.




Now, I told you his grin lights up a room – and I would be much of a photographer if I didn’t have proof.  So here you go people:  joyful wiggly boy.

My job ROCKS!!


Shannon & Jeremy – thank you so much for bringing your sweet boy for pictures with me this year.  It has been SUCH an honor to capture all of these memories (and giggles:).  Please bring E back to visit!:)


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