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Oh Mister F – what FUN I had hanging out with you and your Mommy & Daddy last week!  Watching your quick little mind make a game out of every stick, weed, and patch of mud was, in a word, awesomesause (hmmm…is that supposed to be two words?  Apparently I’m not hip enough to know the proper usage of that particular term, haha).

Having you offer to poke the [pretend] ladybug in my camera with your stick showed what a brave and helpful little man you are.  Watching you sing into your “microphone” (a.k.a. fuzzy grass seedhead) made me grin and seeing you run SO fast made me glad I didn’t have to worry about chasing AND pictures at the same time!:)  I also enjoyed your oh-so-serious road building in the only-patch-of-mud-around-the-whole-lake-and-why-was-I-surprised-when-you-not-only-found-it-you-also-plunked-your-little-bum-right-down-in-it-and-started-making-“roads” (Mommy & Daddy were not surprised, lol).

There is no doubt you are alllllllll boy Mr. F, and I did so love spending such a gorgeous fall afternoon with your cute little face!:)


OK, so here’s what happens when you say “F!  I think there’s a ladybug in my camera!  Oh my goodness!  Can you look riiiiiiiight here and tell me if you see her?”  And then, of course, F attempts to poke the ladybug for me.  A perfect photo op if I do say so myself;)



Yum!  I loooooove the light and colors in this photo (and the sweet little family moment is pretty great too:).




I L.O.V.E. [adore, love, adore!] this photo.

Oh my goodness me.

To me it just says “joy!!!!!!!!!”



Some would call this an out-take.

Me?  I call it fabulous.



“Whoah!  Lady!  Did you just **seriously** put a picture of me diggin for a booger on the Internet?”

Yes Mister I did.  And I can’t even pretend to be sorry.



Makin roads.

[his words, not mine;)]



Just a quiet moment between fascinating objects (but I’m pretty sure I can actually see those little wheels inside his head turning at lightning speed as he figures out exactly what he’s going to do/run/say next! lol)



Oh how I do love me some little boy back-of-head moments….

(icing on the deliciousness is the very dirty backside from his in-the-mud-play:)



Yep.  We ALL had fun at this session!

(wouldn’t this make the most fabulous panoramic canvas??  Ack – loooove!)


B Family – it was SO awesome hanging out with you guys again and seeing how much little man F has grown since his last picture session!  I can’t wait to show you the rest of these pictures next week!!:)


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