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There are some littles whom I have had the honor of photographing all throughout their tiny little lives. And Mr. H just so happens to be one of those oh-so-fabulous littles!

It all started waaaaaaaay back with his Mommy & Daddy’s wedding, and since then there’ve been baby bump pics, and newborn pictures, and 6-month pictures…and allllll kinds of other sessions, lol. And at every session those big brown eyes just get even MORE cute and MORE heart-meltingly mischievous.

True story.

It’s ridiculous (in the best possible way:).

This year for our shoot the stars aligned for THE most amazingly yummy fall day. No wind, the just-a-bit-crisp perfect fall temperature, and the COLORS. Oh.em.geeeee. The colors were ridiculous–and gorgeous–and amazing.




It even smelled like fall. You know that warm, earthy, leafy fall smell that surrounds you as you crunch through the tall golden grass and already fallen leaves? Heaven.


And the pictures? Well, those are perfectly delicious as well.

Yum yum yum – mischievous mischievous mischievous!;)



Little boy rock work.

(shocking I know;)



OK, most of you know we are BOBCAT fans at our house…but I’ll make a Griz exception for this little man.



Hmmmm…what exactly are you planning behind that oh-so-innocent look Mister??



“Why just a game of peek-a-boo!” says he.



See????  The COLORS!!!!!!

Appropriate gorgeousness for this darling family.



Hey to you Handsome.



Just a little fall family frolicking….



Just a little Little Boy Exploring Moment.



Just a peek of not-s0-much-of-a-baby back-of-head-moment.

{and all the mommies out there go **sniff sniff, I remember that! they all grow up TOO FAST**}



Oh, but you know you have my heart in the palm of your hand Mister.

Right where it should be.


Cale & Mara – thanks for {another} fabulous shoot!!  I had SO much fun and I can’t wait to show you the rest of your pics!! xxo

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