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One of the greatest honors for me is when I have families that come back through the years to have me take pictures of their family as they grow…and it’s even more of an honor when they travel to make that happen.  The S Family is one of those families – I first took pictures of them when their little man was just a couple of months old, and last week they drove over from Great Falls again for his TWO year session.  Ga!  How has he gotten so old already???

But one thing was clear – not only has Mr. K grown up to be quite the handsome man, he is also a Talker with a capital “T.”  Full sentences, a fantastically funny little sense of humor, and a finely honed understanding of what Mr. K wants to do and how Mr. K’s going to do it (“You want me to stand still with these balloons? Ahhhahaa – you silly big people!  What’s the fun in standing still??  I’m a gonna walk/run/motate/get my groove thang on with these balloons – and I’m going to hold them by this string right here.  No not that string.  This string.  Yep.  Exactly.  Catch me if you can!”)

I honestly just spent the entire session cracking up (when he saw St. Charles Hall and declared “Castle!!” – as in Mickey Mouse Castle – and then proceeded to tug his whole entourage up the hill so he could go visit Mickey I just about lost it – seriously?  Watch out Mom & Dad – that is one sharp cookie you have there!!:)

Can you say mischievous much…:)


Who doesn’t love being tackled by a bundle of two-year-old love???


“Yep, this string.”


Shades?  Check.  Hat?  Check.

Just like Daddy:)


I don’t know exactly why this picture tugs on my heart so much….  Maybe the baby-becoming-little-man cheek?  Or the little dimpled elbow?  Or maybe because it is one still sweet moment from this sweet little boy….


I love my Mommy and she loves me!


OK, honestly, so many many captions come to mind here…!  Ahhahaha!

“Who me?”

“I’m always innocent.  Just ask me!”


[I could keep going, but really, this pic makes me grin every time I look at it – caption or no caption:)]

And, oh, I just love this family picture!!

S Family – it is always a pleasure!  Thanks for coming to play in Helena again!!:)



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