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I have had the pleasure of photographing this little man several times over the past couple of years – first for his baby pictures, then his one-year pictures, and this summer I got to photograph his extended family when his Grammy Jan was visiting, and now it was time for his 2 ½ year session.  Such fun!

This was the first of our sessions though, were it was snowing on my way to our [outdoor] session…!  Granted it wasn’t angry snow, just lazy flakes floating gently through the air, but if it’s cold enough to be snowing, well then, I think we can all agree that it’s preeeeeetty chilly out.  But this family is not one to be deterred by a little snow!  And honestly I’m so so glad – because when we arrived at the lake the sight that greeted me was breathtaking:  the bright yellow leaves of the aspens reflected in the still-as-glass lake against the dark green of the pine trees—and to top it all off, those pine trees were dusted with the most perfect layer of fluffy snow.  It was CRAZY beautiful!  The S Family had told me several times that all they wanted for their session was fall colors…and their wish was definitely granted!

Little Man M was awesome – he stomped through the snow and cuddled with his Mommy.  He peeked at me over his Mommy’s shoulder (showing off his luscious lashes – oh my!) and swung between his Mommy & Daddy as we walked around the lake.  He threw rocks in the lake and chased his Daddy down the trails (complete with lots of giggles).  And toward the end of the session when he started to get cold, he simply told us he was ready to go home – and so we did:)  Perfect timing for the perfect fall session!


Such a happy family!



Such a handsome man!



See!?!  It almost hurts – it was THAT gorgeous!!



Peek-a-boo You!



Up up and away!



Tickles with Mommy always mean giggles.








Fall colors?  Check.

Cattails?  Check.

Lake?  Check.

Darling family?  Check.

Everyone looking at the camera – at the same time?  ***Haaaaaaaaappy photographer dance*** :)


As always, thanks for such a fun time S Family!  I’m looking forward to our next session for Mr’s big Birthday Number Three:)

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