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I have been taking pictures of Mr. M ever since he was a teeny tiny baby…oh! how time does fly!   And as he’s grown I’ve had the chance to take pictures of him with aunties and uncles and cousins and grandmas.  Now sweet sister B has joined the big wide world (congrats congrats S Family!) and Mr. M is just days away from turning three!  So it seems very fitting that we had his last Toddler Years photo session to celebrate:)

Mr. M started out a *leetle* bit unsure of the whole getting-his-pictures-taken-thing.  But when you’re only three and your world has been turned topsy-turvy by a strange-fragile-crying bundle of blankets, I imagine it’s especially difficult to come to place you don’t remember and stare at a big black camera that also seems quite unfamiliar (I would be a little freaked out too Mister!).  But after some yummy snacks and a little time to relax Mr. M was ready to turn on the charm!


Sitting still [while grinning handsomely] for a family photo?  Truly, it doesn’t get any more charming than that.



Eating a banana and guffawing?  Utterly charming.



Sharing his patented “OH-I’m-so-TOtally-surprised-and-shocked” face?  Heart-meltingly charming:)



See?  He’s even darling & charming when slightly confused…:)



Yes, this little man has charming down to a fine art.  He also has a fabulous sense of humor.  Perhaps my favorite moment of the whole shoot was when he brought over his beloved blanket and put it over MY head so I could play hide & seek.  Oh Mister!  Thanks for including me – I do SO love to play!

Clearly M has perfected his playing techniques with Mommy & Papa.



Even though this was technically M’s shoot, I [of course] had to get a few pictures of the delectable Miss B as well.

Scrumptious, yes???



And while Mr. M may still be wondering *what* in the world Mommy & Papa brought home from the hospital…but he is already the sweetest big brother.



Ohhhh.  Be still my heart.


S Family – what an honor it has been these past three years to document all of these changes and kisses and surprised faces and sweet grins for your family.  Thank you!!  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!:)


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