Mr. S.S. – 18 Month Pictures – Helena MT Child Photography

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I first met Mr. S when he came to the MLP studio for his one-year pictures (so so cute! check ‘em out here).  At that session I was completely smitten with his big dark eyes and tiny little hats and ridiculously cute wardrobe – and when I arrived last week for his 18-month session I could see that Mr. S was growing like a weed and as busy as can be!  And that his wardrobe (thanks to his so-stylish mamma) was juuuuuuust as darling:)

Mr. S was not entirely convinced that pictures were a super good idea that morning (he was much more interested in carrying around his red shovel and eating cheerios than he was in smiling for the camera—but, hey, who can blame him?  Shovels and cheerios are infinitely more interesting than pictures…especially when you’re a busy 1 ½ year old, lol:).  But it is also impossible NOT to get great pictures when one is dealing with a subject as deliciously darling as Mr. S!

I mean, really…!


“I’ve got my cheerios,and my sippy, and now all I need are my [tooooo cute] shoes….”




Busy boy (notice the red shovel:)


Such a darling family!!


Waiting…so patiently…for the…peek-a-boo!




And we did get a few smiles after all:)

S Family – it was great to see you guys again!  I can’t believe how much S has grown…and I can’t wait for his 2-year session:)



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