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When I showed up for my session with Mr. S he had just woken up from nap and he was still a little sleepy (and a little unsure about the blond with the camera;), but it didn’t take long for this little man to warm up.  And when he did warm up, ho-boy, then it was allllllll I could do to keep up with the cuteness!  I mean, I’m a complete sucker for big brown eyes, and then you throw in a couple of dimples and grins, and, sheesh, it’s just not playing fair:)  I have pretty much been in love with these big brown eyes ever since his one-year pictures – and I have drooled over his ridiculously cute wardrobe at every one of our sessions (check out his darling 18-month session here).

For his two-year session (in the snow!) Mr. S was all about trucks (the bigger the better) and doggies and seeing juuuuust how many times he could maneuver up and down the [oh-so-icy] slate steps and juuuuuust how deep the snow must be (side note:  do toddlers have a radar for choosing only the *most* dangerous activities?  And do they just not feel the cold??  OK, I have a toddler myself so I totally know the answers to these [pretty dumb] questions, haha)

See what I mean about his wardrobe??  I feel like his mommy should be a stylist for pint-sized models, lol.

(and I don’t know why I love photos of kiddos facing away from the camera so much…is it because we don’t see it as much? or because you can help but wonder what they are looking at and thinking…? or is it just the sweet peek of the big boy haircut?:)



Oh, ho Mr. Mischievous!  (yes, you are too cute for words…and you know it!:)




Mr. S had the “where it go?” down to a fine art – complete with tiny wrinkled brow, and chubby toddler hands.




OK, so this series is my Absolute.  Favorite.

First Picture:  “Ooooooohhhhh, Daddy mae me a sowball!”



Second Picture:  “Hmmmm…I’m a gonna throw dis at HER” (HER being me)



Third Picture:  “Heehee!!!!!  I FUNNY!!”

(and does that twinkle of impish joy not just melt your heart into a little pile of ooooh-y-gooo-y-oh-I-just-wanna-smooch-him-ness???)




Everyone in one place (good)!  Everyone looking (great)!  Everyone smiling (soooooooo aweseome)!




And this.  This.

Oh.  Be still my heart.



As always, it was sooooo much fun hanging out with you Little Man (and your parents too, of course:)!  Can’t wait for our next one!

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