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Two [fast] toddlers, three adults, four (+) cheese sticks, one Gatorade, eight clothes changes (3 per little person, 1 for each big person), one large [and very tempting and fascinating] fountain, some oh-so-interesting sticks & dirt, one wallet & lots of cash, mommy snuggles and daddy kisses, silly iPhone dancing, and lots and lots and lots of chasing…and chasing…and chaaaaaasing…!!

That, in a nutshell, was my session with the P Family:)  To say that these one-year old twins are busy is, well, the understatement of the century, lol.  But, heck, that’s the fun part!  So Mommy and Daddy and I spent the session running around, making goofy faces, and trying to keep the little ones from taking a swim in the fountain, and in between all that fun [and exercise] we took a few pictures too:)  I think I can safely say the whole undertaking was a smashing success – no one actually took a swim in the fountain and these pictures absolutely melt my heart…!  Seriously.  Twins are tooooo much fun:)


Well hello you sweet serious oh-so-handsome man!


Even dirt [or should I say especially dirt…?] is fascinating when you’re one…especially when you can share the fun with your twin…aaaaaaand especially when you’re all dressed up….  Haha.


And they say kids these days don’t know the value of a dollar – well, this one picked the fifty out of Daddy’s wallet and never looked back!


Ok, I realize that you guys weren’t at this session (well, except for Mom & Dad of course) and so you have no idea how seriously rare this moment was….  This is the ONLY time these two sat down together, this is the MOST still they were during the whole entire session, and then, THEN, Miss A leans her head on her brother’s shoulder and GRINS.  And then my camera exploded [as in I then took as many pictures in a five second span as my camera would allow, ahhaaha].


No head swapping.  These guys were just this cute and cooperative.  True story.


Ack!  Such infectious happiness!


Oh.  Be still my heart.  [this is what happened when I said “give Daddy kisses” – oh oh oh]


Gorgeous happy girl!




Hugs, happiness, and brotherly love…awwww!  Ya can’t really ask for much more than that from a one year-old twins session, right?!

Thanks for driving allllllll the way from Big Fork for your photography session P Family – I had a BLAST!!! :)


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