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Last summer we had the pleasure of photographing Andy & Melissa’s awesome Anaconda and Deer Lodge wedding (see their wedding pics here) – so when they called this spring to schedule family pictures I was SO super excited to see them all again!  They have the most handsome little guy who is already 2 ½ (how do they grow up so quickly!?) and his strawberry blond hair absolutely makes me drool.  He has a whole new vocabulary repertoire since last summer – some of his favorites included “MY mommy” (apparently he’s quite the momma’s boy;), “yeah, common! les go!”, and the oh-so-classic “No.  Mine.” (about…well, just about everything).  In other words, he is 100% Two, heehee:)

We spent the session climbing trees, climbing stairs, climbing hills, stomping on ants, “ick!”-ing over lots of different bugs & worms, and carrying around Elmo the Backpack.  Did I mention Little Man is two??  Lol:)

I do so love busy little people!  They are the best subjects for the real life moments that seem so everyday when they are happening, and then you look back in a year and realize those everyday moments go so quickly…and you feel so lucky to have captured some forever so you never ever forget….




Love my Mommy.


I just love this one…maybe because we’ve all been there before? Lol.


“Hmmmm…so I’ve been thinkin bout this new word I jus learned:  mischief.  You ever heard it Mommy?”


I love this oh-so-inquisitive look!


Love everything about this photo…!


Happy little family!

Happy little man.

Thanks for coming all the way to Helena for pictures you guys!  It was so wonderful seeing you again!:)


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