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Oh. Oh. Oh.

I remember taking pictures for this little mister when he was only six months old….  And now he’s [**sniff sniff**] practically [*sniff*] full-grown (I’m managing not to succumb to a full hiccupping wail…but, seriously? How is he so old already??).  Luckily I have had the honor of photographing this little family several times through these past couple years so I’ve gotten to see his cuteness grow and grow (and I also get to oooohhhh and aaaaaahhhh over his Mommy’s mad styling skilz – she’s seriously in the running for Cutest Collection of Tiny Hats and Shoes – Evah).

And now Mr. S has a new baby brother!  Eeek – the excitement!:)  Mr. S may not have Baby Gentleness 101 down to a fine art quiiiiiite yet, but he IS very excited about the new baby. [er, just don’t ask him about it…as his go-to word these days is “No” – i.e. “Would you like a treat?” “No.” “Would you like to play the iPad” “No.”  Soooooo if you were to ask him about loving Baby Brother right now he would probably say – well, yeah, “No,” even though the opposite is so clearly true;)

The newest S Family Baby absolutely melted my heart with his fantastically chubby cheekers and sweet little smiles.   And we actually got the two boys together in the same place, at the same time, not once, but TWICE.  Yep.  Twice.  What can I say?  I’m magic;)


And this family is DARLING.




Who could resist this little grin?

Not me!




He was showing me how the wheels on the train go “wound an wound.”




I. Love. Baby. Chubs!!

(dontcha just wanna give him a smooch!?)




Baby fingers catch my heart….



So Sweet Baby Yawn.




Followed by a fabulous Toddler Grin!




And last – but certainly not least – Bruder Love.

Oh.  ***sniff***


Thanks for another great session S Family!  I loved meeting your newest little guy – and I can’t wait to show you the rest of these pictures:)


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