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You always know you are in for a good time when you’re doing family pictures with kiddos under the age of five:)  They are so busy and precocious and full of personality – it always makes for such genuine images and I absolutely love that!   Miss C was alllllllll about having her picture taken – she would pose and smile and make squishy faces with the best of them – while Mr. N was much more interested in sticks and running (two year old boy preferring sticks to photos…?! shocking, I know:).  But I always come with my running shoes on (er, well, that’s just a metaphor…I rarely wear running shoes…but I can always run in the shoes I have on – and I often do – run that is.  Whew, if you followed that gold star for you!:) so little boys who love sticks and running just mean I get a little more exercise at our shoot.  Cool beans:)

By the time all was said and done I ended up with a TON of darling pictures of the V Family and their two gorgeous kiddos—and we laughed a lot and had lots of fun in the process.  Win, win, win-y win!


Cause I mean really, chasing after these two sweet faces?!  Yes, please!


And there were a few times when the whole family was in the same place at the same time!


Oh this face!  Oh that bow!


Can’t you just see the little twinkle of mischievousness here??

(and I do so looooove twinkles of mischievousness:)


I also adore great family-tackle-photos!


This was the reaction after N gave his sister a biiiiiiig kiss on the cheek – seriously, could it get any better than this?!

I think not. :)


Pure joy.


I may have mentioned the sticks, yes?:)


And this was the “sweet” kiss later in our session.  Can I get an “awwwww” from the crowd?  (and perhaps a few goosebumps too…!)

Thanks for such a fun session V Family!  (and thanks for driving all the way from Colstrip for your pictures!! that gives me such warm fuzzies!!:)

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