All Dressed Up – for a Saturday Morning Shopping Trip – Helena MT Toddler Photography

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Claire picked out this outfit last weekend for our Girls Day shopping trip with Grammie (she was SUPER excited about how “twirly” the skirt was – and every time she wears this jean jacket my brain about short-circuits in “ohmigosh-itsSOOOOOOOcute” overdrive:) – so I couldn’t resist getting a few couple quick shots before we left.

I know I’m biased and all – but seriously, this outfit is pretty dang cute, right?!:)

(looooove Children’s Place!!)



And then I asked her to tell me her favorite joke (while I snapped away)

Claire, “OK Mommy.  What’s a box of ducks called?”



Me, “Hmmm…I don’t know?  What is it called?”

Claire, “Moooooommmmmyyyy” (cause she’s only told me this joke 487 times – I think she’s catching on that I actually know the answer already;)



Me, “Oh shoot I can’t remember…can you tell me again?”

Claire, “A box of QUACKERS!”

[and even though we both know the punchline it makes us giggle every time]



Oh sweet girl.  I love you so much.


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