Easter Pictures

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The cobbler’s kid goes without shoes…and often the photographer’s kid goes without pictures (I know, that’s just so very wrong!).  But not this time…!  I got Claire all dressed up for Easter and she was so deliciously cute in her polka-dots-from-head-to-toe-and-no-dress-shoes-so-we’ll-wear-tennies that we just had to squeeze in a mini shoot before heading off to Great Grandma’s house.  And, ohmygoodness-sheissocuteitalmosthurts (you can say that about your own kid, right??).

She was loving her “pwidy” dress & kept smoothing it & playing with it (I love the look of concentration on her face in this one).

I can’t remember what story she was telling–but it was obviously a good one!:)

And then this series of expressions just cracks me up!



Mischievous much??

Oh!  How I love this little person!

Happy Easter everyone!



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