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I would like to welcome you all to the beautiful, new, oh-so-fabulous Megan Lane Photography Studio!



This studio space has been in the works for over two years, and the fact that my [incredible] hubby Scott built it entirely himself makes it even more special(!!).  We broke ground in May of 2011 and this November we were finally able to say “WE’RE DONE!!” (there were also quite a few “whoohoooo’s” and “YIPPEEEE’s” and booty-shakin’ happy dances, I’m not gonna lie:).  And we’ve been having awesome photo sessions there ever since!


Which means that I’ve been quite remiss in not posting pictures of the new space…yikes.  But better late than never, right?:)  So I’ve finally prepared a little virtual tour for you guys!


Here are our shooting areas.  The seamless white backdrop is super versatile and can work for one tiny baby, a couple energetic toddlers, maternity sessions, or family pictures.   The smaller backdrop system to the left is perfect for babies and toddlers.  The small backdrop can be switched out quickly (you can see some of the other backdrop options leaning in the corner) and I’ve got lengths of trim painted several fun colors so we can mix and match for all kinds of different looks!

We also designed this space so that it can accommodate a large group or extended family session.  When extended families get together and schedule a time for photos we often don’t have the luxury of re-scheduling due to weather – and we all know that nice weather in Montana is never a guarantee!  So we made the back wall (behind the backdrops) a completely blank wall – we didn’t even put outlets there – so we can use the entire wall as a backdrop.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Which means that I now have the perfect back-up location for those big family shoots!  Yippee:)



Here’s the space that’s devoted to hanging out!  After Photo Sessions, clients come back to the MLP Studio for their Ordering Session and we enjoy a glass of wine (or a beer) or a cup of tea (or coffee) while we view all of their pictures and plan the perfect wall display, album, or canvas grouping for their home.  This is also where I get to talk weddings with brides & grooms (and/or Mothers of the Bride/Groom) – such fun!

Bonus:  the big screen TV can double for entertainment during those sometimes loooooong newborn sessions;)




We started offering custom framing this fall – and it is SUCH a gorgeous finished product.  From contemporary to shabby chic, and from rustic to ornate, there are fabulous options for every house and every style.   (this is only ONE of the four drawers that are filled with all of the different frame & mat options – yeah, whoa!)




From this angle you can see the private Studio entrance (the door on the right) so you can come directly into the Studio from outside.  You can also see the opening that connects the Studio to the rest of our home.

From the beginning I knew that I had no desire to move the business out of our home, and we wanted the Studio to feel like an extension of our living space, so connecting it to the house like this was the perfect solution for us!   We also have plans to build a big barnwood door (which will be hung with external sliding hardware) so we can easily close off the Studio from the rest of the house when desired.  Plus the barnwood will make a really cool backdrop!



Here is a shot of the cozy client area.  We have a rocking chair for nursing &/or soothing babies, magazines for parents (everything from Vogue and Better Homes and Gardens, to Extreme Elk and Bowhunter Magazine – we are quite the eclectic household, lol), plus lots of specific solutions for baby-needs and storage.  More details about these in the next few pics:)



Here’s the hanging rod for all of the darling little outfits that clients bring with them for their babies and kiddos.  And then, because I’m super Type A, we can organize the outfits into the order we’re going to use them during the session!  Perfection:)




The entry table also doubles as a changing table (see the changing pad underneath?  We just put that on top and, voilà! change away!:).  The baskets underneath hold extra wipes and other baby necessities.




I guess I should just admit this now:  I’m pretty much addicted to buying little things that can be used during photo sessions….

Like headbands and bows and wraps and teeny tiny ties (you can’t see the ties because they’re in the left bucket – but they’re there:)…



And darling hand-made hats….



And tutus…

(ack – I’m a complete and utter sucker for tutus)



And we’ll end with a shot of my collection of tiny little chairs.

**Oh my goodness me, I do so luuuuuuve tiny little chairs…!**

(you can also see the oh-so essential Posey Pillow and Boppy in the background)




So there you have it!  The Megan Lane Photography Studio!

We’ve tried to think of every little detail to make your photo session as fun and relaxed and pampering as possible – AND to make sure your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!


The bottom line?  I can’t wait to have you over to play pictures:)



***Scott – thank you for making this dream a reality.  Your love & support mean everything to me – and your building skills are truly incredible! xxo ***


Be sure to connect with us on Facebook – we love new Likes:)  And please contact me if you’re interested in booking a photo session in our new studio!  (we also do LOTS of sessions outside when the weather gets nice – but those months tend to fill up very quickly, so don’t be afraid of calling to get your session booked several months in advance:)

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