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My little sister.  My very best friend.

One of the people who knows me best in the whole wide world.

We are sisters who laugh at dumb things, talk for hours, dress up for no reason, and cuddle in the morning, cold toes tucked under a shared blanket while completely ignoring each other’s crazy bed-hair and mascara smudges.  We’ve gotten each other through our darkest seasons.  We’ve danced and squealed together in our times of joy.  We’ve biked to downtown Missoula [only once, and for the record I was afraid I was going to die].  We’ve drunk champagne on countless New Year’s Eves and “tasted” wine in southern France at 10:00 am.  She’s held me when I cried, and I’ve held her too.  We’ve dressed up identically for Halloween [only once, and for the record it completely freaked us out cause we really did look like twins].  We’ve had LOTS of adventures [Dixie Chicks and Zach Wild, hmmm?] and many more quiet nights in.

We are so very different; yet so very similar.

I love her more than words can express.

And she’s having a baby.  A baby girl!  I’ve felt her tummy move beneath my hand, those fluttering swirls and bumps making us both giggle.  I’ve watched her and Mitch anticipate this journey of parenthood.  I’ve prayed for her health and safety, and for the health and safety of this sweet baby girl.  Claire and I have shopped for [and awwww’d over] impossibly tiny onsies and incredibly soft sleepers.


And I got to take her maternity pictures over Christmas break.

There really aren’t words….


But I’m trying!  I really am.

Because I know that while I managed to pull it together for this post (and also their wedding post, whew)…I’m anticipating that words will truly fail me when this baby arrives (in late February or early March – eeeeek!) and after taking newborn photos I will sit before this same computer screen and try to organize my thoughts into something other than tears of joy.




So now I try to scoop this love – this so wide, so deep, so unconditional feeling – onto this page.  For my sister.  For our families.  For you, dear reader.  For Erica’s daughter, my niece, who will read this, someday.

And it’s a pale representation for sure.  But she knows.

My sister knows.


I love you Bug.  I love you so so so much.  And I’m so excited to be Auntie to this little girl.

I’m so incredibly happy for you and Mitchie.









And then a nice smiley face picture for the grandparents-t0-be!:)



Oh baby…!




And this is where I REALLY start to get teary-eyed….




Serenity and joy.



Breathless waiting

Little sister of mine.










And then, this.

This is where I lose it.




My sweet baby girl.  My sweet sister and her sweet baby-to-be.

Me:  Bawling.

[Thankfully not while taking the picture!  I actually managed to take these images without breaking down…it was only later while editing.  I got to this picture…and, well, just lost it.]





And then, as if Mitchie knew I would need to be pulled back from the brink of ***Super Ugly Cry*** he gave me an out-take that, well, is pretty freakin fabulous.

heehee :)


Love love LOVE you guys so so SO much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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