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Oh this sweet girl…!!!  I remember her so well as a spunky, kindhearted 7th grader who came into my biology class every.single.day with a big bright smile.  And I remember her working SO hard on our Science Olympiad team and having so much fun on our trip to State.  And now she’s a SENIOR.  A Senior.  {{{how does this happen so quickly??  apparently I’m getting old because time is sure flying by, lol}}}

So you can imagine my delight when her mom emailed saying that Emily wanted me to take her Senior pictures.  Ohhhhh ***sniff***

We spent this gorgeous summer day (erm…….it was a pretty ridiculously hot day…….but the light was gorgeous so I kept telling her it would be worth it;) laughing and talking science and college and life (she wants to study GENETICS in college – oh! be still my heart!!).

We had so.much.fun!!

And the pictures……!!!!  So. Gorgeous. !!!









Ms. Emily – you have a wonderful smile and such a gorgeous spirit.  I can’t wait to see where life takes you!  Thank you for asking me to take your Senior pictures.  Please stay in touch!!

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