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I am SUPER excited to be writing this morning to announce the launch of the new MLP blog! (**can’t believe it’s done, happy dance, happy dance!**:)  This site is now a central place you can go to view all of our latest work—PLUS it is extremely friendly to mobile viewing and iPads [there’s no Flash which makes for happy little devices:)].  If you love seeing our work on Facebook but wonder sometimes if you are missing posts, or if you aren’t on Facebook at all but would love to keep up with all the latest MLP happenings, this blog is the oh-so-fabulous solution.  (can I get a “whoohoo” or two!?:)

And for all you Pinterest lovers out there:  I’ve integrated Pin It buttons all over the new site so now you can Pin our images to your heart’s content!  Yay!  But even if you aren’t on Pinterest there is plenty of fun stuff to read through and to look at.  I’ve posted ALL of our Facebook posts and pictures from the past year (and I’ve also gone through and added some brand new stuff:) so take a look around and let me know what you think!

OH!  And do you see the nifty “Subscribe” option at the bottom of the page?  You can enter your email address to be notified via email whenever we put up a new post—how cool is that?!:)

I’m really interested to know if the navigation/layout makes sense to you guys:  would you click here to visit the Home page (it will open as a new page) and see if it’s easy to find your way around (and if you see any spelling errors will you let me know—ack, bane of my existence!:).  Are the fonts/colors easy to read & see?  Does the site work well & look good on an iPad?  (since I don’t have that particular fun toy to test out the new site)

Honestly, I’ve been staring at all of this for so long I’m starting to see it behind my eyeballs as I’m falling asleep at night, ahahhaa.  So I can’t wait to hear what you guys think!!



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