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Miss K.A. – Outdoor Toddler Pictures – Helena MT Child Photography

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Little Miss K is a baby who is very near and dear to my heart – not only did I do her Mommy & Daddy’s engagement and wedding pictures, I have also photographed her as a newborn, and then at 3 months, 7 months, 1 year, and now 19 months! Watching her chubby cheeks and sweet cherub curls grow and photographing her sweet serious looks and her shy little smiles has been incredible.  And, dang it, I just can’t believe this series is over (**sniff**).  But we did have one last session to romp around in the sun together and it was ahhhh-mazing!

Little Miss K was out to impress (I’ve never seen anyone – anyone! – ever run so fast while going absolutely nowhere; it was hysterical to watch those tiny chubby legs pumping furiously up and down while watching her progress mere inches at a time, heehee).  And she was enamored with the [itsy-bitsy] hill by the fountain:  up she would run [her legs going so fast – and her body…not so much:)] and then down she would toddle – until her body got away from her legs – at which point she would pile her head into the ground with the rest of her body falling every which way.  ***looooong moment of silence (with Mommy, and Daddy, and me holding our breath)*** until she would once again pop up (grinning from ear to ear) to do it all over again.  Oh to have rubber extremities…!

She was also concerned that the fountain was *hot hot,* she couldn’t quite figure out why her sandals weren’t squeaking anymore, she spent quite a lot of her time practicing with the straw in her water bottle, and she looooooovied on her dolly like it was going out of style.


Yep, that tweener stage between one and two is magical for sure!



“Dees piggies are pain’ed”

{the chubby little finger-point pretty much puts me over the edge – ack!}



Mommy & Daddy went to Carroll College so I thought this picture was a perfect illustration of the place that brought them together – and proof of how very far they’ve come.






Oh so sweet Dolly Lovies.




Curious and curious-er.



Such a good mommy to Achoo (Miss K’s name for her bear – of course).



And then sometimes, sometimes, I get a shot that gives me butterflies in my tummy….

This is one of those shots.


To the wonderful A Family – there really aren’t words….  But I do hope you know how much I have loved every. single. minute. with you guys and your sweet girl.  Thank you for driving (and driving and driving) for all of these sessions and thank you for letting me be a part of all of these memories.  Oh!  ***sniff***  Hugs!!

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Baby E.K. 6 Month Pictures – Helena MT Baby Photographer

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My first session with Miss E was when she was the teeniest tiniest sweeeeeeetest little newborn (see her so-sweet newborn pictures here), and I absolutely fell in love with her little button nose and oh-so-smoochable lips.  So I was so so SO excited to see how she had grown and what kind of little personality she would have now that she’s such a grown-up baby of six months old.  As always happens when I see my newborn babies again, I remember them, but they don’t exactly remember me…or my big camera:) – and it always takes just a leetle bit for them to warm up to the whole photography experience.  Miss E was no different – a bit unsure and skeptical of the whole thing to start with, but once she got warmed up, ho boy! waaaaaatch out people:)


So we’ll start out with the oh-so-serious picture…sweet sweet girl.


And we’ll work our way to the awwwwwww (aww, aww!) picture…. (ooooohmigoodness, right?!)


And then you start to see her really getting warmed up to this whole picture thing (I love how you can just feel her anticipation here “ooohhhh Mommy’s gonna tickle meeeeeee!”)


And then of course we have to have the sweet detail picture of her little tiny piggies all dressed up in her tiny pink shoes….


And THEN, well, I TOLD you to watch out!!  (ack – I love this one sooooooo much!!)


All the perfect baby details:  eyelashes, cheek, ear, bow.  Oh oh oh oh.



And this…well this, THIS speaks for its self, yes?:)


Chubber fingers, biiiiiiig brown eyes, hint of tiny tummy, aaaaaand such concentration on eating her shirt, lol!




Happy happy joy joy!


Thanks for another wonderful session K Family – I hope you love your Sneak Peek as much as I loved taking sweet E’s pictures!:)


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Miss D.H. – One Year Pictures – Helena MT Child Photography

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I can’t believe Little Miss D is already a year old…!!  I still remember when her Mommy & Daddy came in for their maternity session…and I’ve so lucky to take her pictures and watch her grow from a sweet newborn into a darling 6-month old…and now an all-grown-up walking-all-over-I-know-exactly-what-I-want-thank-you-very-much one-year old!  Awww….

Now, we did start off the session a little on the serious side – Miss D wasn’t entirely sure if she was going to share her smiles with me (but I wasn’t worried – at her 6-month session she was quite the serious girl but we got the most de-licious pictures…and I knew if these ones turned out half as cute we were good-to-go!:)

[see, oh-so Serious!]


But, it turns out she just needed a little warm-up time and then – THEN! – oh my goodness me, it was full-on mouth-wide-open scrunched-nose glee – and this photographer just tried to keep up with the cuteness!


“People!  Bubbles come out of dis leetle ting right here!  Can you beweeve it?!” :)


So, yeah, did I mention that bubbles were a big [BIG] hit…?


BIG hit!!:)


Delicious soft light, luscious pop-y colors, biiiiiiig blue eyes, and two little piggies of white-blond hair….  Ack!  It hurts.


Not so serious annnnnyyyymore!


Happy happy girlie!

David & KD – thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a very special First Year in your lives.  Miss D is absolutely scrumptious and I have had SO much fun!!


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S Family Pictures – Helena MT Family Photographer

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I met up with the S Family last week to take pictures of their family and the grandkiddos as a surprise for Grammy Jan.  Jan was visiting from Texas and her other son Eric and his family was visiting from Portland, so the fact that they were all together in Montana was pretty special!  We met up on a beautiful summer morning and basically just played in the gorgeous sunshine and chased around the little ones (cause we all know how busy a 2 year old and a 4 year old can be!!:).  There was lots of laughter and snacking and running and magic wand wielding and running and bubble blowing and rock & flower admiring (and did I mention running…? Lol:).

I think it is well established how difficult it can be to get a picture where everyone is in the same “place” at the same time – let alone smiling at the same time (!!) – so I’m happy to say “mission accomplished!”  Yeah!


What a grin, huh?!!  If this doesn’t make you smile…well, I don’t know….  How could it not make you smile?!?:)


Miss M and I had a plan – I whispered in her ear “go tackle Mommy & Daddy!” and she knew exactly what to do:)


Awww – cousin hugs!


“Dis is how I’m a gonna blow these bubbles!”


Two year old.  Sitting still.  Smiling.  With parents.  For perfect family photo.  Nooooooo problem:)



But I think this is one of my most favorite pictures from the whole day, Grammy with her sons and grandbabies.  Good stuff!

S Family – thanks for such a great session!!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek:)








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Mr. K.S. – Two Year Pictures – Helena MT Child Photography

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One of the greatest honors for me is when I have families that come back through the years to have me take pictures of their family as they grow…and it’s even more of an honor when they travel to make that happen.  The S Family is one of those families – I first took pictures of them when their little man was just a couple of months old, and last week they drove over from Great Falls again for his TWO year session.  Ga!  How has he gotten so old already???

But one thing was clear – not only has Mr. K grown up to be quite the handsome man, he is also a Talker with a capital “T.”  Full sentences, a fantastically funny little sense of humor, and a finely honed understanding of what Mr. K wants to do and how Mr. K’s going to do it (“You want me to stand still with these balloons? Ahhhahaa – you silly big people!  What’s the fun in standing still??  I’m a gonna walk/run/motate/get my groove thang on with these balloons – and I’m going to hold them by this string right here.  No not that string.  This string.  Yep.  Exactly.  Catch me if you can!”)

I honestly just spent the entire session cracking up (when he saw St. Charles Hall and declared “Castle!!” – as in Mickey Mouse Castle – and then proceeded to tug his whole entourage up the hill so he could go visit Mickey I just about lost it – seriously?  Watch out Mom & Dad – that is one sharp cookie you have there!!:)

Can you say mischievous much…:)


Who doesn’t love being tackled by a bundle of two-year-old love???


“Yep, this string.”


Shades?  Check.  Hat?  Check.

Just like Daddy:)


I don’t know exactly why this picture tugs on my heart so much….  Maybe the baby-becoming-little-man cheek?  Or the little dimpled elbow?  Or maybe because it is one still sweet moment from this sweet little boy….


I love my Mommy and she loves me!


OK, honestly, so many many captions come to mind here…!  Ahhahaha!

“Who me?”

“I’m always innocent.  Just ask me!”


[I could keep going, but really, this pic makes me grin every time I look at it – caption or no caption:)]

And, oh, I just love this family picture!!

S Family – it is always a pleasure!  Thanks for coming to play in Helena again!!:)



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