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Drew & Karlee – Green Meadow Country Club Wedding – Helena MT Wedding Photography

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Weddings come with sooooo many things that I love to photograph:  flowers and food, families and hugs, pretty dresses and dancing children, lots of laughter and friendship, and of course love, love, and more love.  Drew & Karlee’s wedding was filled with all of these things – it was truly a celebration of two families coming together as one.  Their joy was palpable – and we felt so honored to be there to document it for them!

There were actually many times that day that I found myself blinking furiously behind the camera trying my best not to tear up (this is not shocking for those of you who know me…I am a really good crier – I ALWAYS have to be very careful during the Father-Daughter dance, because no matter how many times I see it, it always chokes me up:).  The trying-not-to-cry moments started when Karlee’s dad came out to visit her during her bridal portraits and just seeing him made Karlee start to tear up.  And then he proceeded to give her a gorgeous opal ring – one of her favorite stones – as her “something blue” – and as the two of them fought the tears I was having a stern conversation with myself (it went something like this, “don’t cry DON’T cry don’t cry”).  And for the rest of the day the happy tears continued to fall – from both families – and it was awesome:)  And the food was fantastic, and the dancing was super fun, and the darling kiddos running around were, well, darling!, and both families were so amazing.

It was just an awesome awesome day:)

So here are a few of our favorite images from Drew & Karlee’s beautiful day at the Green Meadow Country Club!  And it’s the kick-off to this week’s Scott vs. Megan Contest – woot!  Here’s how it works:  Scott and I have each chosen a few of our favorite images from Drew & Karlee’s wedding and now we want to know which image is your favorite!  Voting is easy:  just comment below and tell us the Image Number of your favorite picture (Image Numbers are above each picture).

Just a heads-up:  sometimes the Comments boxes take a little while to load – if there isn’t anywhere to type your comment the page is probably still loading.  Just let the page load/think/spin for a while and then you should be all set:)  If it still isn’t working for you feel free to leave a comment on the Megan Lane Photography page on Facebook ( – just be sure to tell me what Image Number you’re voting for!

Serious bragging rights are on the line for Scott and me—PLUS every vote is helping Drew & Karlee earn credits toward a beautiful mounted print from their wedding.   Spread the word to your family & friends—the more votes the merrier!—and happy voting!!:)


Image #1


Image #2


Image #3

 Image #4


 Image #5


 Image #6



 Image #7


 Image #8


 Image #9


 Image #10


 Image #11


 Image #12



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