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Andrew & Mindy Rock the Dress – Marysville Ghost Town – Helena MT Wedding Photographer

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What do you get when you cross a ghost town, a gorgeous wedding dress, lots of mud and snow, and a fabulously fun couple?  A rockin’ Rock the Dress session, that’s what!

[some of you may be thinking “Rock the…wha???” – basically a Rock the Dress (RTD) session is just an excuse to for the bride to wear her wedding dress again and for the couple to have fun cutting loose and taking pictures without any of that “Big Day” pressure or stress.  Sometimes these sessions are called Trash the Dress Sessions but I think that sounds REALLY scary—we’re not going to Trash it, we’re just going to Rock it!:)  These sessions are waaaaaay fun and I really really want to get dressed back up in my wedding dress and do one with Scott….  Hmmmm, maybe this summer for our 8th anniversary!:)]

Anyhoo, Andrew, Mindy, Hercules (their oh-so-cute bulldog) and I went up to Marysville last week for their long-anticipated RTD Session (Mindy and I have been throwing around ideas for this shoot since, oh, waaaay before their wedding last summer:).  We were hoping for snow but didn’t really know what to expect as we headed up into the mountains.  As it turns out, we had this crazy combo of snow drifts and mud that was the perfect complement to the half falling-down ghost town ruins.  So so cool!

Now, this particular RTD session would not be for everybody…because, well, it was muddy…reeeeaaaaally muddy.  But Mindy’s attitude was “Mud washes.”  And let me tell you, she embraced that attitude wholeheartedly from the start of the session (“Herc-just-ran-across-my-entire-train-with-his-totally-muddy paws”) to the end of the session (“I-can’t-feel-my-toes-in-my-purple-platform-pumps-but-I’m-not-going-to-say-anything-cause-I’m-tough”).  Suffice to say that between the beautiful sunshine and bluebird sky, the awesome juxtaposition of satin, snow, and mud, and Andrew & Mindy who always make me laugh and who make me say things like “ooooohmigoodnessIlovethatIlovethatdon’tmovedon’tmove”  I was in photographer heaven:)

See what I mean!?  Rockin.

Oh how I love the lines and texture and contrast in this one…


Gorgeous, much?


Yes she did [sit down – in the mud & snow – in her wedding dress].  And it was worth it.

I don’t know what I love more here:  the fabulous Mindy…or her shadow….


Yep – mud.


*sigh*  It kinda hurts…I love it that much:)


Thanks for such an AWWWWWWESOME session you two!!  ***mwah***



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