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I am lucky to know Jared & Elizabeth not only through a year and half of wedding dreaming and planning, but also on a much more personal level.  Jared took over my classroom when our twins were born in the spring of 2015 and he did an AMAZING job with my students (and he did super thoughtful things like leaving a “Welcome Back” balloon for me when I came back to school to teach for a couple days – I mean, seriously?! – so amazing!).  He was then hired to teach biology in the classroom right next door to me, so now we are teaching partners (he’s also my life saver when I’ve had to take a couple emergency sick days over these past two years!).  Needless to say I was SO excited when they picked us for their wedding photographers. !!  And as Elizabeth and I talked and texted and worked on details – and after their ahhhhhhmazing “haute couture” Engagement Session – which you can check out HERE) – I just got more and more ridiculously excited for this wedding.

These guys picked New Year’s Eve because they wanted to throw an elegant black-tie bash.  And it was definitely elegant.  And definitely a bash!  But what I love love LOVED most about their wedding was that after allllllll of that planning, Jared & Elizabeth showed up on their wedding day and they fully immersed themselves in the moment.  There was no stressing.  No angst.  No worrying about the details.

There was just love.

Love and relationships and laughter.

I have goosebumps right now just thinking about it…!

Because it’s those days that we love to capture.


And I’m not ashamed to admit that as Jared & Elizabeth exchanged vows on that cold cold New Year’s Eve night, I had tears in my eyes.  Happy happy tears for this awesome awesome couple.

And the pictures.











Jared & Elizabeth chose a Reveal for their first look.

It was truly a beautiful moment.






{oh my gosh – you guys – the look Elizabeth gave Jared as her dad handed her off during the ceremony !! Yeah. It pretty much says it all….}


And then it was off to the party!!




Then there was this one time that the bouquet got stuck in the balloon drop…. So a quick rescue lift was organized.

And no one died.



And then there was this OTHER time that the garter toss involved a football.  And Scott captured every moment behind the group of jostling guys, right up until he caught the football….

With his camera.

No one can say we don’t go all-in for the shot! Ahahaaaa!!

{{{and thankfully our cameras are tough, so no camera died capturing this moment – #doublewinning}}}


The party then continued….




Jared & Elizabeth had given us a heads-up that there would be a balloon drop at midnight.  So we set up a long exposure shot with a little off-camera flash to capture this magical moment for our New Year’s Eve couple.

[gaaaaaa I LOVE this image!!!!!]


My other favorite shot of the day was the happy couple in front of the church.

Cause our couples are cool enough to trust us when we say “Soooo…do you guys wanna go out in the sub-zero weather for some church shots? We think they will turn out ahhhhhmazing!!!!”

And – they did.


We’d love to hear which one is your favorite of those last two – Balloon Drop or Church Shot?!?!?!  {{{I took one and Scott took the other – so this your classic Scott vs. Megan Contest}}}  Comment below!

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