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I’ve been looking forward to Joe & Britta’s wedding for oh so long now! Britta and I first hit it off when we attended Carly’s bachelorette party together. We had so much fun laughing together and bonding over the fact that we both had look-a-like little sister besties. It wasn’t until their engagement session (where we almost froze…but that’s another story;) that we figured out I had taught Joe in Sunday school when I was in high school, and I’d also taught him in Sophomore year biology when I was a first year teacher (seriously, how small is this world?!?). What’s even crazier is that one short year after I had Joe in Biology class these two love birds started dating—and they’ve been together ever since!

Their wedding last week was a culmination of that nine-year relationship. They’ve been through high school, college, graduations, first jobs, first “grown-up cars,” the start of med school, and many years of long distance relationship-ing together. The fact that these two have a pretty freakin awesome relationship is obvious, and their wedding day was a celebration of that relationship and their love in every way possible.

The tables at the reception each displayed a picture of the couple from some milestone or adventure they’d celebrated together, and as you looked out at all of the tables filled with Joe & Britta’s memories, and saw the room full of so many people who love them one couldn’t help but get goosebumps. All day these two showed that their wedding was about so much more than the details, it was about being present in the moment, it was about celebrating with family and friends, it was about their love and commitment to each other. And every bit of it was beautiful.

There were also crazy groomsmen, a barbwire-caught wedding dress, a well-traveled locked safe, a photographer up a tree, cheese snacks & Taco Bell in the car, a tear-jerker mother-son dance, a fabulous polka father-daughter dance, lots of Canadian guests, and a bride-and-groom-kiss drinking game. It was all preeeeeeetty awesome:)


Joe & Britta – it was such an honor to be with you guys for your wedding day and to capture all of these memories for you. We couldn’t have had more fun with you guys and all of your family and friends. Talk about a wonderful day:) We wish you all the happiness and LOTS of fun adventures in Seattle!


And now for the pictures!!!

We can’t wait to share Joe & Britta’s Sneak Peek and this week’s Scott vs. Megan Contest with everyone!!


Here’s how it works:

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Soooooo without further ado – here are their pictures!!!!


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