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Seth and Kristen got married last weekend at the gorgeous Kleffner Ranch in Helena, MT and we absolutely loved spending the day with them and their [super funny] friends and [wonderful happy-tear-filled] families. Impromptu Saturday Night live songs/skits and happy tears at furry nieces (aka tiny pup complete with fluffy pink hair bow) being held by the bride were just status quo for this group;)


And Seth and Kristin are one of those couples who just make you smile. They are so well-matched and they have a wonderful happily-ever-after story featuring world travels and different homes and colleges all over the country, until they met here in Seth’s hometown, at the Cool Dog Ball brew fest. As the story goes, Seth came home from the brew fest and told his dad he’d met “The One.” Yeah, for reals! Icing on the cake? On their first date they went snow showing [for 8 hours says Kristen…I’m not sure if that was said with excitement, or…erm, not-excitement, lol] and they saw a moose. Seth told Kristen that seeing a moose on a first date must be good luck. After witnessing the genuine emotions and love {and interpretive dancing} of this couple we’d have to say Seth’s right. Very good luck indeed:)


Seth & Kristen – it was a beautiful day and we felt so lucky to be a part of it! We can’t wait to show you the rest of you pictures – but in the meantime your Sneak Peek is READY! Woot woot!



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