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We were SO excited to travel to the Ruby Valley for Will & Kristina’s wedding. I’ve known Kristina for many years now and she and Scott have known each other since childhood, so we were super happy for her and her new marriage. Will & Kristina have also known each other since childhood, but it was only after many years and many adventures that they both ended back up in the Ruby Valley and fell in love (awww!).

Will & Kristina’s wedding day was filled with so many lovingly hand-crafted details, from the jars of homemade relish and jelly for each guest, to the {ahhhmazing!!} cheesecakes made by Carolyn, Will’s mom in place of a traditional wedding cake (have you ever heard of a margarita cheesecake? how about carrot cheesecake? YUM!).

Their day was also filled with people who had traveled far and wide to celebrate this marriage with Will and Kristina. It was really touching to see all of that love gathered together.

The location was a brand new one for us (and I was soooo excited to finally see the inside after driving by it for nearly 15 years on our trips to see Scott’s parents in Sheridan, MT and just being fascinated by it’s unique design).  The Round Barn was built in 1882 (you can read more about it’s history HERE) but it’s just in the past couple of years that it has undergone a complete restoration to become an event center and wedding venue. It. Is. Stunning. !!!

All and all it was a beautiful day filled with love and laughter and we had so much fun capturing all of these memories.

Will & Kristina – thank you for asking us to be part of your special day! We can’t wait to share these pictures with you!





















Sooooo many more pictures to come Will & Kristina!!! Yay!:)  Thanks again for such an amazing day.

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